Apollo Passion Fruit Liqueur

Apollo is a passion fruit flavoured liqueur made with passion fruit juice and natural flavours.

An essential ingredient to make a passion fruit martini.

ABV: 17%
Size: 70cl
Case size: 6x70cl

Apollo Passion Fruit Liqueur

One of the most significant trends during the period of lockdowns has been the rise of home cocktail making and consumers expanding and upgrading their home bar, seeking out new drinks and flavours.

We expect this trend for at-home drinking to continue as consumers combine visits to their favourite bars and restaurants with entertaining at home driven by the realisation of the cost of a night out.

The ‘Pornstar’ or ‘Passion Fruit’ Martini remains the UK’s number one favourite cocktail and this shift to at-home drinking led to consumers learning to make their own versions at home.

There is a limited number of alternatives to the leading passion fruit liqueur brand which has seen this brand enjoying a significant rise in sales over the last year.

Our ambition is to make Apollo the ‘best alternative’ at a lower and more affordable price.

Available in 70cl bottle at 17% vol