Innovating Brands... With Global Reach

The Cult Drinks team has experience with craft spirits, small start-ups, global brands, and are leaders in brand management.

As leaders in brand management, Cult Drinks have a diverse portfolio including craft spirits, start-ups and global brands.

Based in Dublin, our team is passionate, experienced, creative and dynamic. Our speciality lies in brand innovation and driving business growth through emotional positioning and evocative communications.

Our holistic approach encapsulates creativity, design and marketing to launch and sustain successful brands in a competitive and ever changing drinks climate.

Cult Drinks has market insight that enables us to drive business decisions, strategy and targeting. We understand consumers’ needs for an emotional connection to a brand which is why our product development is informed; our sales & marketing efforts are tailored and, as a result, our returns are maximised.

Along with brands created & developed by the Cult Drinks team, we have a growing portfolio of exclusive agency products which cater to a wide range of modern consumer tastes.