Premium quality schnapps

Piranha Schnapps

Piranha is a firm favourite of the schnapps lover; a premium drink at an accessible price point. From shots to over ice to cocktails, Piranha has no limits. In five fruity, juicy, sour and fresh flavours, there truly is something for everyone. Stocked in bars and retail across Ireland Piranha has seen huge growth since 2020. 

Piranha infuses the finest quality schnapps to produce 5 distinctive and popular flavours; Sour Apple, Cherry, Espresso, Kola and Peach.

The flavours are designed for recipe exploration and experimentation.

Piranha is a brand leader in the schnapps sector in Ireland, and growing YoY thanks to an effective growth marketing strategy and marketing support in the form of social media brand toolkits and promotional material all of which help to tailor marketing efforts and trade activations.

Sour Apple
50cl | 15% ABV
50cl | 15% ABV
50cl | 15% ABV
50cl | 15% ABV
50cl | 17.5% ABV

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