The Benefits of Stocking Mr. L’s Cocktails

Created for the hospitality range and enjoyed by all.

mr ls cocktails benefits

As we enter 2024, Mr. L’s Cocktails is going from strength to strength. Now classed as an on trade speciality product only: the amazing range is created for the hospitality range and enjoyed by all.

Mr. L’s Cocktails comes from the talented Paul Lambert: widely regarded as one of Ireland’s finest mixologists, the Godfather of the current cocktail scene in Ireland!

It’s only right that Paul has his own line of cocktails for the on trade industry, having placed 3rd in the World at Dekuyper Cocktail World Cup, 3rd in Europe at the IBA European Championships, credited with making the finest Gin Martini in the world at the Bacardi Martini Grand Prix.

Not only that, but Paul has been instrumental in the success of some of Dublin’s most prestigious bars and restaurants: SABA, Kinara Group and The Blind Pig Speakeasy, among others. In 2017 Paul was awarded “Industry Legend” at the ICCAs (Irish Craft Cocktail Awards). A title only bestowed on those who have contributed significantly to their industry

So what are the benefits of stocking Mr. L’s Cocktails? Look no further.

  • The premium pre-mixed cocktail range is created by internationally renowned Irish mixologist Paul Lambert.
  • Each cocktail is made fro natural ingredients.
  • Simple to serve: with no staff training needed. Just shake, pour, and enjoy!
  • Time saving: each cocktail takes at least half the time to make the same cocktail from scratch
  • Consistency: each and every cocktail tastes the exact same with no variation
  • No mess or fuss: just quality cocktails, every time.

We don’t believe that cocktails should be full of fuss, take an excessive length of time to make, vary depending on the mixologist, or even result in a mess that must be cleaned up after each order.

Thanks to Mr. L’s Cocktails, you can now have professional standard cocktails with no time constraints, no mess and no fuss. Just quality cocktails, each and every time.

To learn more or to stock Mr. L’s Cocktails, email [email protected] 🍹

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