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One of the latest additions to the Cult Drinks RTD offering, X-Lite.

Brought to you by X-Lite founders Patrick Joyce & Oliver Feeney, the pair who decided that they wanted to create a drink that was different from what you could pick up off the shelves regularly. They had a vision for a delicious, low-calorie alcoholic drinks that’s full of energy. And so, X-Lite was born.

The very first prototypes were developed and sampled in June 2020, and now sit proudly in stores across Ireland.

X-Lite is available in three amazing flavours Strawberry, Lime & Vodka, Watermelon & Vodka and Lemon and Vodka.

Strawberry, Lime & Vodka
330ml | 4.2% ABV
Watermelon & Vodka
330ml | 4.2% ABV
Lemon and Vodka
330ml | 4.2% ABV
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