Cult Drinks are a Dublin-based company, specialising in brand innovation. The creation of exciting and unforgettable experiences for our consumers is our priority. Our team are passionate, young, creative and dynamic.

With this in mind, we thoroughly enjoy exploring the fast-changing changing drinks climate of our modern globalised world. We integrate market research, creativity, design, marketing and emersion in the market to ensure that our brands are successful. Our consumers need brands that are fresh, trendy and exciting. We enjoy being at the forefront of that market.

What is a Cult Drinks brand? The Brand is ‘The Experience’. This encapsulates: the consumer's anticipation; confidence in the product; and the feel and sound of the name when spoken. We believe that consumers must buy into the ‘me-now-hereness’ of it. Details such as the glassware, the colour of the liquid, the ice, the garnish and the accessories need to be refined. Our brands are known for not only the taste, but the thrill and the satisfaction!

Cult Drinks has market insight that involves driving business decisions, strategy and targeting. Our product development is informed; our sales and marketing efforts are tailored; our returns maximised; and as a result, value is added to our customers. Cult Drinks grows brands with a strong place nationally and internationally. Along with brands created and developed by the Cult Drinks team, we have a growing portfolio of exclusive agency products, each offering something that bit different. This means we stock a wide drinks portfolio suited to the varied range of modern consumer taste.

Piranha Schnapps

Piranha Schnapps (15% abv) is a refreshing shot drink made from premium schnapps and juicy flavours. Piranha Schnapps comes in four distinctive flavours; Sour Apple, Kola, Sour Cherry and Peach.

Piranha is a varied beverage. It can be served straight, mixed on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail. Point of Sale is readily available. We regularly invest in our brand through promotional materials and promotional activities. We ensure original promotional concepts are tailored to suit a venue, giving consumers an unforgettable live brand experience.

Piranha Schnapps also has a strong online digital marketing presence via our Website, Facebook, and Twitter. Piranha Schnapps' target market is between the ages of 18-34 years of age. This group is socially orientated, outgoing, and always willing to try new things.

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Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan - Award-winning Irish Single Malt Whiskey, and more to come

The Ryans have been whiskey people for 6 generations. Tipperary man John worked in the 1820's in Limerick Distillery (Walker's). Michael worked in Birch's Roscrea and supplied barley from the nearby home place in Toomevara. Thomas set off for Dublin in the mid 1890's, and after a long vintner's apprenticeship, started independent sourcing and finishing of the finest of Irish single malt, culminating in Ryan's Malt (supplied around the city and in his own pubs, starting with the first – the iconic Beggars Bush on Haddington Road Dublin – bought in 1913 and still in the family). Jack honed the craft further, till the near demise of Irish whiskey brought a hiatus. Eunan revived the family tradition in 2013, to award-winning effect, and the next generation is getting involved already.

Jack Ryan 12YO has to date garnered an Irish Whiskey Award and a San Francisco World Spirits Gold, while Jack Ryan The Bourdega 15YO won a San Fran Silver.

Jack Ryan Whiskey is finishing at present in bourbon, rum, and calavados. Testing and tasting by our expert panel is very encouraging and suggests that the calvados finish (a collaboration with Chateau de Breuil) is emerging, the rum is asserting itself, and the bourbon maturing nicely. We have barrels on Santa Cruz, currently seasoning with madeira (a collaboration with Justino's), returning to Ireland mid-2018. And our virgin oak barrels stand ready for use.

JRW plans cask releases, including CS, when we are satisfied with the different finishes; the whiskey will be ready when it is ready. By spring 2018, we will hold one or two small cask-opening events, in either Dublin or Wexford, at which point collaborative and cask/CS exclusive releases will be finalised.

Keep an eye out for what Jack Ryan does next!

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Slingsby Gin

Slingsby London Dry Gin, 70cl, 42% vol

In 1571 William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from the Tewit Well in Harrogate. Our award-winning London Dry gin has been crafted using locally-sourced botanicals that are synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate including primrose, sweet cicely, nettle, rhubarb, milk thistle, rosehip and Taylors of Harrogate green and Jasmine tea. These unique botanicals are complemented with water drawn from the world-famous Harrogate aquifer, pure single grain spirit and a handful of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Slingsby Navy Strength Gin, 70cl, 57% vol

Our Navy Strength Gin uses the same botanical blend as our classic London Dry Gin however is stronger and richer with an ABV of 57%. This creates a great body and intensity whilst still retaining our classically smooth finish.

Slingsby Rhubarb Gin, 70cl, 40% vol

In 1571 William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from the Tewit Well in Harrogate. We have taken our award-winning London Dry Gin, crafted using Harrogate spring water, pure single grain spirit and locally-sourced botanicals which are synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate and masterfully infused the finest hand-grown Yorkshire Rhubarb. Originally produced as a small Limited Edition batch, our Rhubarb Gin proved to be so popular that it now has a permanent place in the Slingsby family.

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Facebook: @slingsbysocial
Twitter: @slingsbysocial
Instagram: @slingdbysocial

Canyero Rum

Our rum Canyero Ron Miel is made with a blend of Caribbean rums carefully selected in origin by master rum makers.

With a delicate avor, its touches of wood and honey will surprise even the most passionate rum lovers. It is ideal to drink on its own, with ice, with your favourite mixer or to make the best cocktails.

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Soiree Amaretto

The secret behind the smooth, decadent and simply delicious classic almond flavour of Soiree Amaretto is its unique recipe and the time and care taken by us in its preparation for our customers.

Perfect with mixers, ideal for cocktails and exquisite when added to homemade desserts or baking, its rich and indulgent flavour is almost limitless in its uses.Soiree Amaretto has been enjoyed for over 10 years. More than 2.7 million bottles sold. Rebranding project undertaken in 2015 to refresh the brand and give it a modern yet timeless look. We endeavour to create a rich experience for the consumer and have considered every element of the packaging for the brand refresh;

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6 x 70cl

Facebook: @SoireeAmarettoIreland
Instagram: soireeamarettoireland


"Prepare for the hunt as the wolf inside is unleashed with Krauter-Stein"

Krauter-Stein (22% abv) is an exciting new herbal liqeur made from a secret German recipe inspired by a unique blend of herbs and spices. Krauter-Stein is best served ice cold as a shot, or it can be served mixed over ice. Point of Sale is available for Krauter-Stein on request. As well as promotional material, we can also offer promotional nights tailored to suit a particular venue. Krauter-Stein is marketed digitally online both on Facebook and Twitter.

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6 x 700ml


Fat Frog

Original Fat Frog (4% abv) is a drinks phenomenon created and launched in Ireland in 2004

Fat Frog is a stand-alone RTD. It's the No.3 RTD in the Irish drinks market today. Fat Frog guarantees flavour and refreshment with its delicious citrus ingredients. It has memorable brand personality, is lively, fun, and quirky. Point of sale for Fat Frog is available on request. Fat Frog is best served cold. Fat Frog can be served in the bottle (275ml), in a glass over ice, or in a jug with ice (700ml).

The target market for Fat Frog is between the ages of 18-24 year olds. This group is socially orientated, willing to try new things, and likes to party. Fat Frog can be found on both Facebook and Twitter where various marketing activity and competitions are carried out.

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275ml x 24
700ml x 6



Xambuxo is made from the finest Anise Flavours. Sambucca style product which offers strong POR.

Enjoy Xambuxo on the rocks, as a long drink with your favourite mixer, or mixed as a cocktail

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Bastille 1789: The First hand-crafted whisky from France.

With an Irish-Born mother and a French father whose Life's work was Camus Cognac, who better than the master distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt to create an entirely new category of whisky? Jean-Marc's roots in wine and spirits run deep. For 150 years, his family has owned a vineyard in Borderies, the prestigious Cognac appellation. As a young man, Jean-Marc went to work in a famous Scotch distillery, to discover the origins of the spirit, and then travelled the world, to learn the perfect art of making whisky.

Bastille 1789 is the result of the heritage, and of many years' work by Jean-Marc- to distill a singularly luxurious having a very strong French identity, and perfect balance. Hand-crafted in the Cognac region, combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques.


Dynamic & Modern

Dictador is a dynamic, modern and luxury lifestyle brand that embodies heritage and provenance, with a history in spirits production of over 100 years. Dictador offers an unrivalled, award-winning offering in ultra-premium Colombian aged spirits, coffee and Dominican cigars to a discerning worldwide clientele. Due to its geographical position, Colombia is one of the three largest sugar cane producers in the world, assuring both high quality and high quantity harvests. Cartagena and its countryside are famous for being the first areas for sugar cane production in South America. Third-generation rum producer and Master Blender, Hernan Parra, continues the family's legacy and tradition.


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